These are a couple of recent  videos. They were recorded in a  room that was undergoing  renovation, and had been  stripped to the bare bones.

​ Click on the photo of me  at the Vanderbilt  Rehabilitation Center for a  link to the news video and  article! 

​​ News

 2017-2018 Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra


 2016-2017 Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

 2016 MMEA Southeast District Festival, Senior  Orchestra

 2015 Boston University Tanglewood Institute, Young  Artists Harp Program

 2014-2015 Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra 

 2013-2014 Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra 

 2012-2013 Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra

 2012-2013 Bremerton Symphony Orchestra

 2011-2013 Bremerton Symphony Youth Orchestra

About Me

 Summer Adventures

 In the summer of 2015, I was fortunate enough to  be accepted into the prestigious Boston University  Tanglewood Institue, as one of only four harp  students. I got to perform in the distinguished Seji   Ozawa Hall, as well at the Koussevitzsky Shed, on  the Tanglewood campus.  

 In the summer of 2017, I had a very busy few  months! I went on tour with the Boston  Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, to Peru, Argentina,  and Uruguay! We had six concerts, spanning 13  days, with intense community outreach working  with local young musicians. Many of the outreaches  were with El Sistema- inspired programs. 

 I also was an intern at the 50th Pierre  Jamet International Harp Festival, held in  Gargilesse- Dampierre, France. I was able to have  lessons with many of the great European harp  legends, such as Marie-Claire Jamet, Catherine  Michel, Isabelle Moretti, Fabrice Pierre, Park  Stickney, and  Gabriella Dall-Olio. I performed the  the first of Andre Caplet's brilliant Divertissements  for harp, Divertissement a la francaise. 


 I am the youngest of six children.  My father is a U.S.  Navy Chief, and we have moved a lot during my life.  I  have lived in England, and across the United States,  and have had a lot of adventures along the way.

 My family is very musical.  It was never a matter of  "if" I was going to play an instrument, because all of  my brothers and sisters, as well as my mom, played  regularly.  After trying the flute, I decided to try the  harp, and it was a match made in heaven! 

 Some of my favourite solo  composers:

​ Debussy, Faure,  Pierne, Renie,  Handel, Hindemith,  Naderman,Godefroid,  Mendelssohn, Mozart,  Chertok, Desmond,  Boieldieu,Zabel,  Morrison, Henson-  Conant.

 I am very happy to be in the Newport,  Rhode  Island area, and I am looking  forward to  playing for others, and  sharing my love of  music. 

  I am pleased to have had many  opportunities to enhance important    celebrations.  I have played at weddings,  both indoors and outside, and even for one on a vintage steam ship. I also enjoy  playing at nursing homes, and various  care facilities.  I regularly play at the Hotel Viking, in Newport, Rhode Island, during tea. I play at the Newport Hospital  once a week, splitting my time between the  Cancer and Rehabilitation wards and the  Courtyard. I was accepted into the prestigious Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and will begin rehearsals in September. 

 This is a recording from my performance at the  final recital for the Pierre Jamet International Harp  Festival, in Gargilesse-Dampierre, France. The  recital was held in the Église Saint-Laurent et  Notre- Dame de Gargilesse-Dampierre, locally  known as  the Eglise Romane (the church), which  was built in  the 12th century. 

 I love  volunteering at  Newport  Hospital.  This  was a very sweet  moment for me. :)

 At the end of the official recital in Gargilesse, the  professor, Gabriella Dall-Olio, invited me to play  my transcription of Fazil Say's "Alla Turca Jazz" as  the rest of the students were walking out and  bowing. It was a wonderful and cheerful way to  wrap up the Academie! 

 My solo repertoire ranges from  Baroque to Modern, with a dash  of Jazz, a generous sprinkling of  Classical, topped off with a pinch  of Romance.


​​​ Thanks to WJAR 10, the Rhode Island NBC  affiliate, for the lovely article. 

  I seldom compete, but I was a recent winner of the Stars of  Tomorrow concert audition, at the 2015  Boston Harp Festival,  and I am a former first place winner in the Greater Chicago Area  Chapter of the American Harp Society Scholarship Competition. 

​Orchestral Experience

 Arilyn Mitchell, Harpist


 I have been very blessed to have had many  wonderful teachers, and they have each helped  me grow as a musician.  A special thanks to  them for sharing their knowledge with me. 

 I am currently studying with Carl Swanson in  Boston and Emmanuel Ceysson in New York  City.  My  former teachers include Ina    Zdorovetchi, Janelle Lake, Kelsey Molinari,  Laura Hodges, Valerie Muzzolini-Gordon,  Rebecca Bodrero, Carol McClure, and Heidi  Jellison.